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Rachel is a Canadian Voice Actress specializing in Commercial, Animation, Narration, and Video games. 

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada, Rachel has always had an obsession with film and video games, and how everything works on screen to behind the scenes. Rachel started acting and singing at 6, from private singing lessons to being involved in local theatre groups and productions, she always found an outlet for her creative development. 

She attended Cawthra Park Secondary School - a visual and performing arts high school in Ontario focusing on Dramatic Arts and Technical Theatre Studies - immersing herself every day in acting on stage and film. 

After high school, Rachel lived in Liverpool, England, emerging herself in the rich music scene, becoming involved in local theatre and helping friends with student projects. This experience also allowed her to perfect various dialects of English and European accents. 

Upon her return to Canada, Rachel decided to focus more on the emerging film scene - appearing in various Canadian film and TV productions in Toronto, Ontario - before settling in British Columbia. 

After several forrays in small-town living, Rachel was asked to record a few local radio commercials and decided to reimmerse herself in the world of performance by studying Voiceover techniques. 

Through classes and coaching, Rachel finally found her passion again: being able to bring scripts to life, whether it be commercials, characters or sound effects on a video game, e-learning videos, or a little tiny but mighty unicorn in an animation film...

Rachel is hardworking, pays attention to deadlines and details, professional, always willing to get the job done and has a range of voices to suit almost any project and can take excellent direction.

My voice has been described as Wry, Cheerful, Bright, Uplifting, Appealing, Smoky, Mysterious, Euphonious.

Coached in Commercial and Animation with:

Voice Masters (Paulette Lifton and Mimi Maynard), Burbank, CA. 

KH Casting, Toronto, ON. 

Coached in Dubbing with:

The Dubbing Academy, New York, NY. 

Represented by Brenda Connell - BookIt Talent Agency 


- Fully Vaccinated 

- Valid Passport

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